Shadows Call is a very interesting and unique App, with what we feel is enormous potential. The premise is essentially an interactive graphic novel presented in a serialized fashion. The "first episode" or chapter, if you will, is available in the App Store. Aside from comments decrying the length of the "game", it has received overwhelmingly good feedback from users and reviewers. Taken on it's own, it is too short to qualify as a stand-alone game, but taken as the introduction to the on-going saga of Arielle Corvus, Paranormal Investigator, we think it has what it takes to be a pretty solid launch vehicle for both Imba Entertainment and Arielle.

The project itself was very unique and full of various challenges. We inherited a massive code-base where architecture was an after-thought, OOP practices were not applied and as a result maintenance was a nightmare. Imba needed someone to rescue the project after the original developers abandoned the contract and left them high and dry. That's where we came in.

While working on the project, we were temporarily distracted by an attempt to re-architect the entire game to allow for a simultaneous port to Android. When this proved to be too costly in TTMD and compromises to the iOS User Experience, it was decided to push ahead within the original scope and focus on an iOS only version of Shadows Call.

We managed to release in time for a launch during the App Store's Christmas Break and issued two updates in the following weeks, one was an enhancement, while the second was a bug fix.

Shadows Call was a great project to work on and a wonderful introduction to the people at Imba Entertainment, whom we have had the pleasure of working with again.